Friday, 09 August 2013 15:58

If you’ve been drinking, don’t drive!

So what? One or two beers won’t make a difference, I feel fine!  Pretty much all car accidents start with those words from a drunk driver. And after that you have the hospital, the police, and the attorney.  At best you’ll have your driver’s license taken away.  At worst you’ll regret taking the lives of other human beings for the rest of your life.  

Many beverage consortia have taken on a campaign against drunk-driving. Budweiser has also decided to chip in and has prepared a spot, in which they thank those who show that they have common sense.  
However, in this spot you won’t find Budweiser portraying another bloody story related to drunk-driving. There are no scenes providing evidence from a real accident.  No.  This world famous producer of beverages has decided to present all this in a slightly different way.  Although the spot starts off as standard, with a man sitting in the bar, who gets up and leaves, the latter scenes are quite different.
We also see scenes from an accident, but shown in such a way, as if they were to be performed in a theatre for children.  Just simple props and fixed smiles on the faces of the actors, which at most make us - the audience, feel slightly disorientated.  Where’s the blood, the screams and the whole dramatic setting associated with this terrible sight? Nowhere!  There aren’t any of these things.  Because none of these things happen, since the driver demonstrates common sense and after drinking just one beer, chooses not to sit behind the wheel.