Tuesday, 22 September 2015 06:49

Complex technologies? They’re obsolete

Some of us remember the days when new technology was characterized by remarkable simplicity. At the very beginning of its development, we simply were not able to implement complex solutions.

With time, however, they became the target of the key innovators and the main source of their competitive advantage - or at least the easiest way for them to attain it. A new and interesting gadget, an innovative, unnecessary application, the addition of a thousand features that no one ever uses, a rich graphic design that hurts the eyes.

Sooner or later the obvious question had to appear - what is it all for? Many brands decided to come full circle and return to the beginning of their path without sacrificing essential functions, but eliminating those that are just gadgets. They seek an attractive design, usability, simplicity ... that does not mean that they encourage the customer to give up on technology, just to use it prudently, to subordinate it to their own life ... and not vice versa.

Volkswagen offers this kind of philosophy with its Gesture Control system. Their campaign with the lovable dog Jumpy reminds us that simple, benevolent gestures are what matters the most and technological solutions can only - more or less successfully – imitate them. Maybe it will inspire you to make some changes?