Thursday, 02 February 2017 15:00

Flesh tunnels – a trendy and impressive body decoration

In order to stand out of the crowd and be original, people wear many different kinds of accessories. Jewellery is worn not only to highlight the outfit, but also the person's character. Similarly to clothes, trends in jewellery have come and gone over the years. However, there are many elements which are timeless. One such accessory is flesh tunnels, a type of piercing which stretches holes in earlobes to a specific diameter. The smallest flesh tunnels are a few millimetres in diameter, and the largest up to twenty centimetres.

Until recently, flesh tunnels were associated only with subcultures and certain lifestyles. Now they are becoming increasingly popular also among those who follow the latest fashion trends. This is primarily because the flesh tunnels sold in jewellery shops are elegant and have interesting, simple forms. Their ornaments are very subtle, allowing you to wear them every day, even in situations requiring formal wear, e.g. at work.


This type of body art has become more popular also because of the increasingly better quality of such products. Many stores offer high-quality flesh tunnels made of precious metals, including platinum and titanium. An example of a shop which offers high-quality titanium flesh tunnels is Flesh Tunnel Shop. (Stylish titanium tunnels at

In the past, many people who were considering getting flesh tunnels eventually didn't do so, mainly because of the aesthetics of these ornaments and the materials from which they were made. They were concerned about the possibility of infections or allergies developing while wearing them.

It is worth noting that titanium jewellery, both traditional and modern, is completely safe for the body. It does not cause any allergies because it doesn't contain nickel. What's more, it is also very durable and is often compared to platinum jewellery because of their similar weight, natural colours and possible finish, ranging from matte, through slightly satin, to a high-gloss finish. Titanium flesh tunnels are sometimes dyed to obtain an interesting effect. You can also buy tunnels decorated with cubic zirconia or even precious stones, which give them an elegant appearance. However, the most important thing is that flesh tunnels and other jewellery made from titanium do not cause any allergies, which in the case of stretching the ears may lead to infections that are difficult to heal.

When choosing flesh tunnels, especially when you're just beginning to stretch your earlobes, it is very important to pick the right size that will match the holes. Experts suggest buying flesh tunnels with the possibility of unfastening one of the flares when starting out, and wearing them even until several months after having stretched your earlobes. This is very important since in some models the flares may even be a few millimetres wider than the inner part of the tunnel, which can cause pain when putting it on and may damage the delicate and stretched skin. Before applying flesh tunnels, your ears must be properly prepared. This is best done using special ear stretchers. In order to prevent the possibility of tearing your earlobes, you should begin to stretch them approximately two months after piercing your ears.