Wednesday, 21 August 2013 12:05

Brad – The animated consultant from Workopolis

Are you in the position where you haven’t been promoted for years, and you feel like your career has come to a halt?  Or maybe you’d like to get your first job, but you have no idea how to go about looking for it? It’s time to put an end to these kinds of problems – Workopolis is your new online consultancy, which will ensure that your work life will be refreshed and revitalized.

What do you expect your work life consultant to be like? Most probably like most people – someone who isn’t particularly involved in what he does professionally, and who supposedly knows what you ought to do better than you do yourself, but who isn’t really capable of telling you exactly what.   If you follow stereotypes, then you’re likely to be a surprised if you click on this video from Workopolis.  Within the first few seconds, Brad appears before you – a confident, happy and chilled out male cartoon character.  With a heavy dose of reality, but also a dash of humor here and there, he presents some simple and practical advice about many issues – from office etiquette (for example, whether or not you should reach out for food prepared for customers), to preparing for an interview.  All of this information is given in a non-standard way which causes you, the viewer, to easily take Brad’s words to heart.
What sort of problems can Workopolis help us sort out? Well, there’s a fairly large amount of animated advice to choose from, beginning with job searching, running through to transport issues and ending with the point at which to use your references.  Click on the film yourself and see how quickly you can get sucked into the world of advice from Workopolis!