Wednesday, 30 November 2016 16:41

How to get a great job in Poland? – what an Expat should expect?

Is there a chance for really great jobs in Poland? And is it easy to get one, if you are a foreigner? Let’s check.


Poland is situated between Western and Eastern Europe – in the middle of the continent – and that’s why many international companies find it attractive. On tram or bus you can hear Italian, Spanish, Russian or Portugese. 2 hours flight gets you to London, 3 hours – to Paris. Besides, Poland is cheaper then Germany, but country is evolving faster than Lithuania, Belarus or Ukraine. That’s the reason for the huge growth of the foreign business services sector (BPO, ITO, SSC or R&D centres) in Poland.

Many of the international corporations open their centers in polish big cities: Warsaw, Wroclaw, Cracow, Gdansk, Lodz. One of them is Infosys – the global provider of integrated business & technology consulting, outsourcing and IT services: Infosys Poland is located in Lodz (in the center of the country) and employs around 2500 professional workers, who’s specialities are: finance, accounting, logistics, risk or tax management. Many of them came from the other countries and now they work together in international teams and have the opportunity to travel all over the world.

The salaries in Poland are lower than in the Western Europe, but you will spend less for everyday expenses. Working in shared service centres, you may count on private medical care, big discounts in sport centres and very often – a language courses. Polish is very difficult to learn, but you can learn many others languages. Average working hours are between 8 am to 4 pm or 9am to 5 pm – 40 hours in a five day working week. Sometimes you may be asked to stay longer, but overtime hours are often well paid. Tax system is progressive – but usually you will pay 18%. Most of the larger companies have the standardized recruiting system, so your application should include CV and personalized motivation letter.

Of course, people who can get a really good jobs in Poland, usually have the University or the MBA certificate, but there is also a huge demand for foreign languages speakers. English is always the office language, but if you also speak German, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Swedish you will not have any problems finding a really good job in the bigger business centres.

In Poland, if you have a suitable job, you will easily get a residence card. If your speciality is IT or economics, your job will also be well paid and give you a chance to travel and to work in the multicultural environment.