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What to Know About Vintage and Non - Vintage Champagne?

Champagne is regarded to be one of the most interesting beverages. Though this term is most often used generically for referring a sparkling wine, it is manufactured by following a specific procedure from a certain area of France, manufactured with Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay grapes. There are large varieties of champagnes available in the market for example you can try Cava from Spain and some other types of sparkling beverages from California.

Have you ever thought why does champagne have such a special taste? It is because of terrior, French word which signifies the environment, including the air, weather and definitely soil. Just as Maine Lobsters are not so tasty like the New Jersey Lobsters, Champagne also does not need to taste like glistening wines even if the similar cellar methods and different types of grapes are utilized. Generally, there are two kinds of champagne. These are vintage and non-vintage champagne. Non vintage champagne is manufactured with a blend of grapes which has been kept for several years. For instance, White Star of Moet & Chandon tastes as it’s when you purchase it even after several years. Consistency plays a vital role with non-vintage champagnes.

On the other hand vintage champagne is also made of grapes but cannot be stored for so many years. Usually, they are manufactured in the exception years and are regarded to be a much better option. Compared to the other types of wines available in the market, vintage champagne is regarded to be the costliest one. Current great vintage years include 1988, 1990, 2000 and 2002, though some manufacturers also manufacture vintage wines in other years too. Each vintage will taste different from other vintage champagne. For instance, the 1988 vintage manufactured strong and powerful wines that last for long years whereas the vintage drink produced in the year 1989 is considered to be an elegant drink.

There are some champagne companies that create a prestige cuvee which is generally a very costly drink made from the best grapes. Some of the popular vintage wines include Dom Perignon, La Grande Dame and Cristal. Champagne is generally associated with special celebrations, but is really great for any occasion like weekend nights and parties with dinner. It is regarded to be a food friendly wine. You will come across such champagne in wine stores. Moreover, as the demand of such drink is going on increasing this drink is nowadays available online too.




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