Wednesday, 21 August 2013 17:34

Saving on your home

We save on everything – we choose the cheapest products in the supermarket, alternatives to medication, cheaper cosmetics.  All in the name of effectively managing our domestic budget.  However, after a whole month of effort to ensure your wallet isn’t empty you find that once again you don’t have a penny after paying your bills.  It’s time for a change!

 Being ecological in the modern world doesn’t just mean selecting an environmentally friendly way of living, but it’s also about being able to save your time and money.  We’ve come to the point, where more and more people are realizing that being ‘green’ quite simply pays off.   How so? Switching off lights when they’re not needed, using energy saving light bulbs and other equipment, LED lighting – these are just some simple ways in which our electricity bills can be visibly reduced.  Saving and ecology go together hand in hand – by wanting to pay less for water we often subconsciously choose to behave in an ecological way.  Taking a shower instead of a bath, reducing the flow of water in the shower or installing a dishwasher in the kitchen are a few simple and effective ways of making life easier and reducing the use of water in your home.
Ok, fine.  But how do you know what you should do, or what to change in your life and in your home to save on everything? BcHydro provides you with plenty of advice about how you can save energy and water and how to optimize your house or flat to make its maintenance as cheap as possible.  Don’t wait! Find out now how you can substantially reduce your bills!