Monday, 12 January 2015 08:34

Sinsay Carnival Party Collection

There’s still time until the year’s most important party but SiNSAY has already presented its style suggestions for those girls who like to get prepared early. This year the carnival party collection by SiNSAY combines sexy party outfits with casual and sporty looks, adding a touch of rock and a great deal of girl character.

The colours of the collection are mostly shiny blacks combined with white along with powder pink, navy and coral, with various shades of grey and blue. There are little black dresses, short skirts, transparencies, lace and glossy fabrics with rock elements. The evening glitter is mixed with jersey trousers, stripes and printed numbers that resemble those on the outfits of college sports teams. As always with SiNSAY, there’s a lot of girl style added by ethereal dresses and flared skirts, shaggy sweaters and floral prints.

Accessories are essential for SiNSAY party looks. After all, you can’t have a truly good New Year’s party without an appropriate handbag, can you? Add some geometric, metal jewellery and rock boots and there you have a fab SiNSAY girl look.

SiNSAY gives some hints on combining the contrasting styles of the collections into a coherent but original and ultrafashionable whole. These are shown in the photos by Robert Ceranowicz taken during a special shoot in Berlin – a city that’s known for its diversity in fashion as well as some crazy parties. Meanwhile, you can shop the latest party collection in SiNSAY stores this November.


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