Friday, 22 March 2013 20:36

BlackBerry 10 or iOS 6: Who's the Winner?

BlackBerry announced its new mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10 with a variety of changes in its existing mobile platform. These new features include increased security, improved graphics, and an additional application store and notification panel for ease of the users. The same set of features is also provided in the Apple mobile OS, iOS which is quite popular amongst its users.

BlackBerry is giving a competitive edge to Apple with the release of Z10 due to its popularity among the users.

Some factors on which the 2 mobile OSs are compared are as follows:
Pixel Density: BlackBerry 10 has introduced higher pixel density in its new devices as compared to Retina Display of iOS devices. The pixel density of BlackBerry 10 device, Z 10, is 365 ppi (pixels per inch) while that of iPhone 5 is 326 ppi. High pixel density provides life like visuals on the display screen giving the user an enhanced visual experience as compared to the iPhone 5.

Notification Panel: BlackBerry 10 has introduced an extension in the notification panel called "BB Hub" for its new devices by integrating all the new notification in a single window just like an iOS device does. However, the key difference between the two is that BB Hub allows the user to read and reply from the same notification window instead of redirecting the user to the corresponding app for performing the same task.

Development Tools: To support third-party application development for BlackBerry, BB 10 has introduced three major platforms for developing native apps. Developers can use C++/Cascade, Webworks and Adobe Air for developing BlackBerry apps in order to contribute in the app store of BlackBerry. On the other hand, iOS apps can only be developed using iOS SDK and lacks the support for HTML5 while Webworks for BB efficiently supports web apps development for HTML5 as well.

Support for Open Standards: With BB 10, new devices of BlackBerry will easily adapt to the new data and communication standards like NFC, HDMI and DLNA to setup an efficient communication method with like devices supporting any of these standards. On the contrary, iOS 6 enabled devices do not support these standards and include only its proprietary wireless communication standard for transfer of data between Apple devices only.

Native Messenger App: Both BlackBerry and Apple have their own native Messenger application namely, BBM or BlackBerry Messenger and iMessage respectively. With BB 10, the new BBM can support voice and video calling over Wi-Fi which on the other hand is nowhere introduced in the updated version of iOS i.e. iOS 6. This could be a major setback for Apple devices as free voice and video calling is a much easier mode of communication for users as compared to paid voice and video calling.

These major updates surely increase the weightage of BB 10 enabled devices in smartphone market. Since Apple's iOS 6 is already released in the market long before BB 10 was launched, it could provide an advantage to Apple to introduce more innovative features in its upcoming version of iPhone by analyzing the technical upgrades in BB 10.


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