Monday, 22 April 2013 21:15

Cartridge heater: High watt density in low cost

The heat flow rate of these heaters is measured in term of watt density. On the basis of the application intended by the industry, the above is custom made on special orders where they are designed manufactured to attain the specified watt density.They are so compacted one so doesn't require much space for its instalment. It has the capacity of generating up to 50 watt per cm² surface watt density. The power supply is made available to these by the use of wires where

the type of wire is selected as per the machine design and clearance where the described is to be inserted. Commonly used power supply materials are fibre glass and also some other variants which may be silicone impregnated fibre glass. At larger level their usage is increasing at greater pace.

Don't do much bending of connecting wires as it could lead to breakage of them. In order to avoid this, various strain relief support are used such as flexible stainless steel conduit, protective spring, metal braid made of stainless steel, ceramic bead insulation, etc. As these all protects the power supply cables from abrasion bending, sharp edges, high surrounded temperatures created by the water heater element and allow flexibility and offers ease of installation. They may also be made to fit the threaded holes. For specific positioning, mounting flange could be used and a wire pull can be attached with the heater body to remove it safely.
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Besides heating the fluid things cartridge heater service doesn't stop here, it could also be used in boilers for heating its metal parts. Its size and rating could be decided when total requirements of heat generations are calculated, checked and established.

While working in a vacuum block, the drilled holes should be pre-oxidized so that the cartridge heater could offer its best service as the emissivity is improved by this exercise. Also it should be considered that a suitable reduction in watt density, which is maximum allowable, is necessary if it is to be used in vacuum. It is recommended that the lead end, which is the power supply cables of cartridge heater, should be outside vacuum. But, if in the condition where this lead end is to be kept inside vacuum, voltage should be kept below 120 volts.

They are easy to modify as per the need. As we know its cost is much lesser than other available heater in the market and above all cartridge one provide high watt with in lesser time.