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What is the Fibroid or Uterine Fibroids ?

Fibroids or uterine fibroids are benign tumors that grow in uterus. They are formed from the cells that make up the muscle wall of the uterus. Medically known as leiomyoma or myoma uterus.Fobroid usually sized of a pea, but can also enlarged to the size of the ball. Although no increased risk of cancer and does not affect fertility, fibroids can press the fallopian tubes so that the implantation of a fertilized egg affect. Moreover, it can also suppress bowel and bladder.

Not to sure what causes fibroids. They can grow rapidly when the level of high estrogen levels in women. Especially when a woman is pregnant or using birth control pills. In pregnant women, fibroids can cover the birth canal so that the delivery should be by Caesarean section.

Cases of fibroids usually found in women over the age of around 30s. And tends to decline when women experience manapouse, where estrogen levels are also reduced. Surgery can be performed if deemed necessary.

Fibroids Symptoms is often in the form of back pain, pelvic pain, constipation, and weight penuhdan feeling in the stomach. Most women do not realize

How women can have it?

Fibroids are frequent incidents occurred on 25% of the women but so far we can not be sure how it happened. However, the presence of estrogen associated with uterine enlargement. Fibroids occur mostly in people aged 30-40 years, that is in the reproductive age. As the aging process and the extent to which the lower estrogen, fibroids also will shed itself.

Most women do not know they have fibroids because it rarely gives problems and symptoms depends on the size and location of fibroids in the uterus, but if it is too large it may cause:

Pain during menstruation (dysmenorrhea)
back pain
frequent urination
Frequent miscarriage
difficult pregnancy

Why Fibroids Grow?

Many people wonder why a woman covered with fibroids in the uterus lining. Actually, the cause of this disease is unknown, and why it grows in some people while others do not. There was a study that showed that about 25 percent of women will die before uterine disease in her womb but not all visit and get treatment from a doctor because most fibroids do not cause any signs or impair health.

Some say, that this fibroid tumors often occur in women who do not marry or marry late and who is married but difficult to conceive and bear children. I also often find fibroids in women who suffer from infertility or sterility. In addition fibroid tumors, they also suffer from endometriosis, which is a disease in which blood spilling dirty backwards uterus cause various problems in the canal, egg plant and uterine environment.

Which arise before, fibroids or infertility is unknown. However, what is apparent infertility problems often associated with fibroid tumors. Even so, women who never give birth are also not protected from uterine disease. Often we see in women who reach the age of thirties or forties and after their children even though they have expressed great maybe four or five children later, they find it difficult to have more children and some years later they suffered a variety of problems and menstrual disorders, and upon inspection found they have fibroid tumors

How can fibroids diagnosed?

Often fibroids detected accidentally as most do not have any symptoms. If you feel swelling in the lower abdomen, see your doctor to determine the cause of the swelling. Ujan ultrasound scan will distinguish whether it comes from firoid swelling or ovaries.

However, You should learn about this pain and find out the way How To Eliminate Uterine Fibroids soon without surgery.



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