Wednesday, 15 May 2013 20:38

Which foods boost your immunity system?

Physicians recommend that the role of the immunity system is considered as eminent in our body as this plays as leads for the profound defensive system that helps to safeguard all the organs in our body from a variety of deficiencies & disorders & promote the proper functioning of the health. The fundamental functioning of this system serves a complex nature in the regulation of other organs of the body. Thus for its superior level of regulation, it is essential to

undergo a variety of hygienic habits.

These hygienic activities involve properly washing the hands prior to the consumption of food, making use of the handkerchief while sneezing or coughing etc. But such actions are not enough, as also incorporating of proper as well as healthy eating habits helps to effectively safeguard the immunity system & thereby boost its activities. Let's check out what food eateries must be consumed by the people so as to help to secure the healthy mechanism of the immunity system. These are listed as follows:

• Salmon:
Fishes are considered as an essential ingredient in our diet as they are rich sources of a variety of nutrients that are necessary for the wellness of our body. These are rich sources of vital vitamins & minerals which are not naturally produced by the body. Moreover, the extra that is supplied by the consumption of fishes are the animal protein. Salmon is a important that consists of omega-3 fatty acids as well as selenium & these nourishing agents serve the best to reduce the factors of inflammation so as to boost the cells of the immunity system.
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• Oats:
These possess the essential nutrients to our body & are efficient for reducing the extra calories that summate the weighty issues. The fibers that are present in the oats help to rejuvenate the cells & tissues of the immunity system for the potential detection of the harmful bacteria & thereby eradicating it from the body for helping the recovery from any type of illnesses.
These even consist of beta glucan that are designated as efficient antimicrobial as well as antibacterial agents that help to lower the risk factors like influenza, anthrax etc.

• Green tea:
This is considered as a vital antioxidant which helps to struggle the body from the attack of the free radicals, thus reducing the chances of the advancement of the cancer ailments. Catechin, the antioxidant which is present in this tea, helps to eradicate the dreaded bacterial microbes thereby summating the chances of good health.