Friday, 19 April 2013 22:01

Who Is My Husband Texting With?

Are you asking yourself, who is my husband texting with? I am sure you have seen some of the signs that make you suspicious, that make you think that he is up to something. Maybe he is very protective of his phone, maybe he turns his phone of before going to bed with a log in code that he keeps a secret, not willing to share it with you. When he does receive texts he walks away with the phone to answer the message in private. Does this sound like your husband?

How Can You Find Out Whom He Is Communicating With?

There are a few things that you can do to find out whom he is texting and communicating with.

Talk to your husband - the first thing you should do is talk to your husband. You might have tried this already with an outcome that you are not very happy with. You will hear one of two options, the truth or a bad excuse for his behavior that made you suspicious in the first place.
Look through the call logs - if you are on the same billing plan you can go through the call logs. When you have a repeating number to your husband's cell that you don't recognize it is easy to find out whom that number belongs to. What you need to do is use a phone lookup service that will tell you the owner of the phone number and other helpful data.
Use a cell phone app - another way to find out who your husband is sending messages to is using a cell phone app or software. There are a few different out there on the market but you want to look for an app that can help you with the following:

Easy to install
Track all text messages, the actual message word by word
Track all pictures and videos send and received
Track call logs so you can see when the calls were made and received
Website visited on the phone
You should be able to access all the data from an online account

So is there such an app/software on the market? There sure is we have investigated this app further on our site.

We all wish we lived in open honest relationships; sometimes that is not always the case. If you don't know for sure though that your husband is up to something there might be a perfectly fine explanation to the behavior that has made you suspicious. So try to talk to him give him a chance to tell you what is going on. If you are still asking yourself "who is my husband texting with" after your conversation you might want to investigate further.