Saturday, 25 May 2013 23:09

Bookie or Smart Scoring Cookie? Join the Skore Patao League!

If you’re feeling a little disappointed with the recent IPL drama, don’t worry. You’re not the only one. Many eager fans of the IPL are now wondering where to go after the fixing, lying, and cheating. Well, Skore might have something that can bring the smiles back on their faces. ‘The Skore Patao League’ promises to combine the fun of online IPL cricket with a special Skore twist, resulting in a series of naughty games that promise to knock your socks off. ‘The Skore Patao

League’ is a series of 5 fun games that combine the competitive spirit of IPL cricket games and the challenge of charming the ultimate woman. The big, bad world of competitive scoring isn’t always easy, but it sure is fun! You have to think fast, bowl her over, and make her dance to your tunes. And while you’re at it, compete with thousands of others in a bid to make your city top the patao League leaderboard. Once you’ve crossed all five levels, you can finally enter the arena of champions with a bonafide ‘ladies man’ tag to boot.

So, how exactly do you join the league? Clear the five naughty games by punching a few thugs around and rescuing the girl. Then, you have to get her attention in class, avoid her dad as you try to collect her phone number, and take her out dancing! If you manage to impress her in all these tasks, you get to finally make it to her place while trying to avoid her folks. All these tasks come in the form of high score games so make sure you have fun!

But it isn’t only fun and games. As Skore says it best, there’s a lot to be won. You can play and win many exciting prizes like free iPods and Skore hampers! And not just that, your skore contributes to your team’s ranking in the Skore Patao League leaderboard! Nine cities compete for supremacy; much like any current IPL cricket game and only one city can win. Will it be yours?

Whether you’re from Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi or Kolkata, you’ll definitely find your team competing in the league. So which one will you join? Will it be the Mumbai Charmers? Or will you join the Delhi Dildaars? Bring you’re a-game and whichever team it is, it will be the one that wins! Why should all the glory go to those that get to play IPL matches? Bring some to your city too and become the champion of charm in the Skore Patao League!

The Skore Patau League campaigns is a microsite with various score games to participate in. One can select any of the score game of their choice and take part and win exiting prizes.