Tuesday, 26 March 2013 23:12

Best holiday with children? In Tuscany...

There are so many reasons to discover Italy in a wonderful holiday with your family that would be impossible to explain all of them; just think that You will be always in an hour's drive from beautiful beaches in the summer and skiing in the mountains and hills in winter, but also consider the fact that in the Italian culture.

Children are always welcome; they can often take advantage of genuine menu designed especially for them as well as entertainment programs dedicated within the accommodation chosen; do we have to mention then the excellent ice cream and sweets in general that your children can enjoy in any part of Italy?
For those who want to mix art, culture and beautiful beaches and natural landscapes, for example, there is nothing better than to plan a holiday with children Tuscany, the cradle of Italian culture where you can visit cities that are considered real masterpieces of art and architecture in the world (take for instance Florence or San Gimignano): you will have culture, sun, sea, fun and ... a series of beautiful natural parks and amusement parks for children of all ages!

To fully enjoy also the gastronomic side of the region, then we recommend you to contact the restaurants of the facilities where you will stay, or typical local restaurants that will offer the true local cuisine: for this holiday also let your children do without the pizza and focus on different flavors.
One of the secrets of Tuscan cuisine, of which you should definitely try the main dishes, is the use of spices: as it was in ancient times, still the housewives have a space dedicated to them in their own home garden, and the same goes for the inns and for restaurants that offer the typical flavors of the region.

To enjoy the most of your holidays with children in Tuscany combining environment and nature here is a suggestion to follow: to book online in advance visits to all the attractions (such as the Uffizi Gallery) to avoid long lines in the sun with your children.
If you plan to book a hotel by the sea of Tuscany, be sure instead of having animation, playground, spaces dedicated to children. There is so much to do and see in Italy and Tuscany represents only a small fraction: never mind, you'll have a reason to come back next year!

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