Monday, 10 April 2017 06:37

Toughbook CF 33 - a laptop that will survive everything

New models of laptops appear on the market almost every day. Manufacturers equip them with solutions based on the latest technologies which increase the comfort of work and provide the opportunity to create wonders on the computer. However, most laptops are protected by a very delicate case and such equipment is usually suitable only for use indoors, and, despite their mobility, it is best if you don’t move them at all. What if you need a device that is fully mobile, resistant to mechanical damage, and enables comfortable work in different configurations?

The answer to this question can be found on the Panasonic website in the section on solutions for business. Its Toughbook series features computers for special tasks that will survive even the toughest conditions. These products can be found at Panasonic. It’s also worth watching the short animation presenting the process of manufacturing this model and what inspired Panasonic engineers to create it.
What distinguishes Toughbook CF 33 from other laptops?
This computer is a highly durable device that is protected by a strong case. The computer consists of two parts - a keyboard and a detachable screen, which if necessary can be used as a tablet. The large screen allows you to easily view all details without having to constantly zoom in.
Another advantage of this laptop is that it is equipped with two batteries which can be replaced without the need to stop using the device - you do not have to turn it off to replace the battery with a fully charged one.
In addition, a major benefit of this model is that the manufacturer provides the ability to personalize it. The website only lists the standard parameters of the device, but if necessary, you can order a computer with modified parameters of e.g. the disk capacity, or buy a dock adapter, which makes it easier to use the computer while driving. This laptop can also be equipped with a backlit keyboard, which is useful when working in difficult lighting conditions.