Thursday, 09 July 2020 15:58

Roomzilla, not just meeting room reservations

Roomzilla Roomzilla

In recent weeks the need for a reservation system has increased more than ever supported by the need to open up offices, gyms, classrooms, and many public places.

This increase in interest was something we’ve been expecting, and we spent the past few months on preparing for it, adjusting our platform to not only manage office spaces, but also to help customers reopen their businesses, adjust to the new rules, and keep them safe for people.

Outcome? Amazingly, we've managed to surprise our customers by adjusting and presenting Roomzilla as a feature rich system not only for office room booking, but also as a multi space reservation system, that will help you organize many different industries as well as keep your employees, customers, and members safe & satisfied. 

We’re really proud to say that we have helped support opening offices, gyms, and sports centers.  Apart from that we’ve also managed to help reopen and keep safe for usage universities, laboratories, banks, event spaces, and a wide range of different sectors.  We’re finding that like the video conferencing tools were critical during the global quarantine period, Roomzilla and our platform is starting to be a must during the “defrosting” / return to work era.  

Helping companies to reopen and adjust their spaces with the limited capacity and usage in such a dynamic work situation has also made us an amazing hot-desk management platform.  This trend was always around but now, we're seeing it grow faster.

It was and continues to be a challenge to manually manage bookings for your desks as well as monitor not exceeding the allowed capacity of spaces such as rooms.  That is why we let  your users personally book the available desk from the active map, however users are still obligated to book it by following your rules and capacity! Such a solution is perfect for hot-desk bookings and cross-team collaboration efforts and can be also used as a solution for slots management in community spaces, studios and so on.

We didn’t fully expect  - but we’re really proud of -  our role within the “new normal” compliance requirements as well as the expanding variety of  industries that are now coming to rely on us.