Monday, 20 September 2021 08:34

How long do you take before you wear your jeans?

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Probably not long. Jeans are one of the most worn apparel by men and women of all ages in many countries worldwide.

One obvious reason for their popularity is that they can almost fit any look or style you. If you find it hard choosing your dressing for the day, you can always start by setting aside your pair of jeans as you think of what to wear on top.

So, how did jeans come into existence, or how did they become so widely accepted? Jeans were first designed for farm workers and miners in the states of American west. Considering the nature of their work, the jeans were meant to last them longer. A tailor in Nevada by the name Davis used copper bolts at the corner of the pockets to make them stronger, and so many people purchased them. Davis and Levis Strauss joined hands and started making jeans out of denim. Denim jeans were more comfortable, could easily be stretched, and became softer as they got older. They were dyed with indigo.

Jeans started becoming popular thanks to James Dean and Marlon Brando, who wore them in movies. They became the new fashion for teens and youths in the 50s and 60s, with college students wearing them to protest the Vietnam war. To slow down the uprising, they were banned in schools and sometimes in theatres and cinemas. Nevertheless, jeans became more popular and acceptable, and today they are no longer a reserve for casual events. As Americans of all walks began wearing them, other countries quickly started to get accustomed to wearing them as well.

We cannot end a talk about jeans without mentioning colors because most people are likely to assume blue jeans. Blue is the standard color of jeans. There are numerous colors of jeans, and some of the most common ones nowadays are the khaki jeans mens and womens and grey jeans outfit for all the womens.

Khaki jeans mens and womens are very versatile. They can be worn to work and for day-to-day chores. They can also be worn with almost anything for that classic look as long as the colors are right. There are so many options to explore, from white tops to black ones to grey. The same applies to grey jeans outfit for all the womens.Grey being a neutral color, is a very close alternative to black. Women, especially ones above 40, find it easy to wear grey outfits because they can be matched with so many colors, Including red, yellow, pink, and green.