Tuesday, 01 February 2022 19:09

How Do Bluetooth Beacons Affect Customer Experience?

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Bluetooth beacons are small, wireless radio transmitters that have gained incredible popularity in recent years. What are they, how do they work, and how do they affect customer experience? Keep reading!

Bluetooth beacons - what are they?

Bluetooth beacons are wireless, small devices operating thanks to the so-called Bluetooth Low Energy. They send special radio signals (not detectable by humans) that can be analyzed by nearby devices that have Bluetooth, are able to see the beacons, understand the shared message, and display relevant content to users.   

How do Bluetooth beacons work?

As the name itself suggests, Bluetooth beacons work based on the Bluetooth technology. Although this solution has been with us for thirty years or so, only recently we’ve been able to fully take advantage of its potential. All these thanks to the Internet of Things ecosystem.

Bluetooth beacons communicate with nearby devices by sending special signals (ID numbers) that can be received and processed by other smartphones, tablets, or computers. Thanks to the fact that we live in the times when mobile devices are omnipresent, Bluetooth beacons are popular among users from across the globe.

If you still aren’t sure how beacons actually work, imagine that you go on a business trip to an exotic foreign country but at the airport it turns out that no one speaks English there (you don’t know the native language), your driver isn’t waiting for you and you need to take a taxi. Obviously, it’s not that simple because:

  1. You don’t know how to communicate with people and ask them for direction,
  2. The airport is huge and you’ve no idea where to go.

You’re probably overwhelmed, but then you see an intriguing sign on the wall, asking you to scan a code. Once you do it, you’re taken to an app store, when you can download an airport map. Thanks to it, you can easily find the spot where taxis park, and you don’t have to ask local residents for directions. Of course, on your way, the map tells you that the airport is filled with interesting local shops, and you may even enter them to buy souvenirs. 

The impact on customer experience

As you can imagine based on the example above, Bluetooth beacons are solutions that impact both customers and business owners.

When applied skillfully, they can:

  • Guide customers through the shopping path,
  • Streamline the entire shopping process to improve customers’ satisfaction,
  • Help people save time and find the best deals,
  • Promote offerings in a natural, attractive way.

Bluetooth beacons can have a significant impact on customer experience, as they streamline everyday processes. Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that beacons are solutions that won’t succeed, unless you implement them skillfully.