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Top 8 handy tips for summer electric scooter rides

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Scooters are a fun and convenient way to get around during the summer. These mini-vehicles make it easy to zip around town without being stuck in traffic or worrying about having enough gas money.

But like many other things, scooters aren't one-size-fits-all, and if you want to get the most out of yours, I have a few tips for summer rides you should consider. Most of the points and conclusions were based on my own experiences, discussions with my fellow scooterists (AKA people who ride scooters), and research studies.

Safety above all

Of course, the fundamental tips and recommendations will always be related to your safety. Wearing a helmet is vital on a hot summer day, for example, since in an accident it will secure your safety and prevent unpleasant discussions with the police. Some electric scooter/bike helmets have poor ventilation, causing heat build-up inside in the summertime. Using a good ventilation helmet is crucial so you don't get overheated.


Sunglasses will definitely make your riding experience more comfortable during the summer. Apart from the sun rays, the glasses will block out unpleasant light reflections to improve your vision.

The floor is lava

Avoid riding a scooter on asphalt when the conditions are too hot – the heat from the asphalt can melt your tires.

Under pressure

Check the pressure of your tires regularly if you want to drive safely. Heat and pressure can cause problems in the medium and long term, so take good care of your tires and try to keep them cool at all times.

Power up

Riding your scooter requires charging time and adequate maintenance after rides. Charge your scooter properly – avoid charging it right after riding.

Summer in the city

Make sure you check and be aware of the maximum operating temperature of your electric scooter. Make sure you don't use it if it is too hot outside since this might cause the electrical parts to overheat.

Water is life

It's common knowledge that staying hydrated is a must when it comes to exhausting workouts and sports. According to the Australian Institute for Sports Nutrition, athletes should consume at least 0.2 liters or 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes, and slightly more if they're sweating heavily. When you practice an activity like cycling or running outside in the hot weather, you may need to carry your H2O refreshments with you because most drinks are not made for such high temperatures; freezing them beforehand is a good idea so that even towards the end when your body lacks strength and endurance, you'll still be refreshed thanks to a nice icy beverage!

Summer vacation electric scooter

Last but not least, the scooter type also plays an important role. It should be heat-resistant and lightweight. I prefer all-terrain electric scooters, so I can enjoy various sceneries without limiting myself to the city.