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Unique fathers day slideshow tips

Father's Day is a good opportunity for you to express your love and appreciation for Dads.It is important that fathers are remembered in a very special way. But don't buy your father another tie this Father's Day! Try to surprise him and make Dad an unforgettable Father's day slideshow with Photo Story Platinum as a keepsake of cherished memory for this coming Father's Day.It would be a nice idea to make him a Father's day slideshow that can be displayed on the DVD

player. Watch that look of surprise on his face when the entire family enjoy watching the Father's Day slideshow together, telling him how much you care.
Follow the tips below and create a Father's day slideshow in only three steps!

What you will need:

1. digital photos

2. slideshow software (I recommend Photo Story Platinum)

Think about photos and songs you want to use in the Father's Day slideshow. Photos of the family throughout the years, vacations, old pictures, whatever you can think of that would add a memorable touch to the Fahter's Day slideshow ,DVD album you are creating.

Add photos:

Drag and Drop Your favorite photos to the "Story Board". Touch up every picture with the built-in editing tools and effects such as rotate and crop photos to match the screen resolution, and add effects and adjust brightness/contrast as you like.You can easily organize the photos in your Fahter's Day slideshow ,DVD album and set duration of each photo to suit your music. father [imonomy - free enrichment tools for your site.]

Select Animated Styles:

Preview animated styles first and then double click or drag & drop your selected styles to the StoryBoard,or choose add random styles to all. Add Music and Voice :Select a song that is meaningful for you and your family.MP3, WAV or WMA file will be accepted. You can even use your own vocie your Father's Day slideshow,DVD album. The built-in audio recorder allowing you to record a voiceover for your Father's Day slideshow,DVD album. father

Choose Output Fomats:

Click the "Create" tab and Preview the video ,choose "Create DVD", author the DVD Menu and choose the menu template, then burn the Father's Day slideshow on your DVD disc and display it on TV . Creat DVD is the best way to output your father's Day slideshow if you plan on sharing it with the entire family. Gather everyone of your family to the living room and present the Father's Day slideshow ,DVD album tribute to Dad.It's super easy to create a custom DVD menu and lets you burn multiple copies of your DVD to have as backups or to give to other family members. father Small tips: For Dads that are always in a hurry : Is Dad always in a hurry? Use the output features to put the Father's Day slideshow you have created on his Iphone,Blackberry or iPod. It's great way for Dad to carry around his special father's Day slideshow when he is on the road.No matter where he is,he will carry your love with him. Add Custom Captions and Effects Add descriptive text to your slideshow, customize the color, size, font to create an introductory Title.At the end of your special Father's Day slideshow DVD album insert a credit. List out all the people in the photos, who created the show, who helped etc.. anything you want to say.