Wednesday, 26 June 2013 16:25

A Reason To Party

The one thing that is always on every one’s mind is “do we need a reason to party?” This question holds true because of the stress and trauma that we under go in a metro like Delhi, we want to break free very now and then. The increase in attendance in the different bars, pubs and disco bear testimony to the fact that the people need to relieve themselves of the stress owing to their routine and long for an evening when they can let their hair down!  In order to cater to this
specific demand among the people, some of the prominent hotels and other similar venues hold events and parties that address the common denominator. To party!

Party with a purpose

Parties in Delhi are held at some very select venues for specific purposes. The onset of the New Year is one reason where nearly all the prominent hotels and similar places host parties. There are several other occasions such as holi or diwali where the parties are conducted. These are more or less social gatherings where the festival is the common platform for people to meet and greet each other.

New Year parties

The parties in Delhi that are conducted during the new year that are the most sought after since the events goes bigger and better with each passing year. Any nightclub in Delhi holds New Year parties that go all through the night with pulsating music played by internationally renowned disk jockeys. The parties that are held on new years’ eve at some of the leading resorts and farmhouses serve some of the finest food and beverage. They hold some exclusive programmes for the guests such as musical night and even conduct special events for the children to accommodate the entire family.

Parties held at select hotels

The various parties that are being held at the some premiere hotels in Delhi have that exclusiveness that outshines the parties held at any of the other venues. They are professionally planned and the very best of artists are invited to perform on stage irrespective of the genre of the artist.

The artists could be one of the leading names in the world of music, prominent artists of Bollywood or even disk jockeys or rock stars of international repute.

Page three events

The hotels and clubs in Delhi bearing an insignia of reputation host parties to celebrate an event that become a prominent page three feature. This is an arena where business meets glamour. The hotels also have an exclusive nightclub to host the party if the event so warrants.

These parties are held to welcome the arrival of a new product or to mark the beginning or the successful conclusion of a prime event. These are special moments that warrant a celebration and therefore the hotels ensure that all the arrangements go perfectly well so that the party is fresh in the minds of all the guests who have taken part in the event.