Tuesday, 15 June 2021 09:52

Are electric scooters dangerous? Check how to use them safely!

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The number of electric scooters, both private and for rent, that we observe on the streets in diverse countries all over the world is constantly growing.

As more and more of us are now choosing this eco-friendly and relatively inexpensive means of transport, a significant rise in scooter-related injuries can be observed. How safe are electric scooters? Can they be dangerous? Read our scooter safety tips to learn what you can do to ride an e-scooter safely.

Find the scooter that suits you best

The international market of electric vehicles is still evolving and companies offering e-scooters are outdoing each other in launching new models. Although they all look similar, they may differ in many aspects. To find the scooter which will be always able to rise to the occasion, you need to focus on features that are important for you. If you are looking for a light and compact scooter which will be perfect for recreational rides around the city, you need to choose a  different model than if you need a professional scooter with excess power allowing for long-distance commutes.

If you want to see what you have to choose from, check our electric scooters comparison and find the scooter that will meet all your requirements and expectations.

Go for quality

Many beginners who have little experience with e-scooters don’t really know what to take into consideration while choosing their first electric scooter. Many of them give up on quality and go for price. Low-budget electric scooters are all over the market. We can find them in supermarkets and in online shops. At first sight, the difference between them and e-scooters made by top producers can be hard to spot, but it’s all in the details and quality, which has a direct impact on your safety!

A safe scooter is not all

Once you have a scooter that responds to your needs, it is time to think about safety equipment. Accidents with e-scooter riders are getting more common these days, so it is better to prevent them than become a victim. Although many scooter riders don’t use any safety equipment, this is a huge mistake! A helmet or knee pads can protect you from injuries or even save life. Imagine you lose control over your e-scooter, go into a skid and collide with another vehicle. A helmet on your head may prevent a concussion. You never know what can happen, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Respect other street users

As a matter of fact, most accidents caused by electric scooter drivers result from their recklessness. High speed, lack of respect towards pedestrians and cyclists, risky moves, hard braking… you should give up on these bad habits if you want to have a safe ride. Electric scooters which are regularly maintained and checked are totally safe and most of the accidents are caused by the ignorance of reckless e-scooter users. Don’t be one of them!

Always check your scooter

Even if you have a brand-new scooter, you always have to check if it is in good condition before travelling. First of all, control the light and brakes – if they function properly, you can hit the road. If your scooter is foldable, make sure you assembled it properly. Never forget to check if the battery is full. Sometimes a blackout may halt charging, and your scooter will not be able to travel for a long distance.

Comply with regulations

Electric scooters are still a novelty and that is why many countries still don’t know how to deal with e-scooter riders. Before using this type of vehicle, learn if there are some rules that you need to stick to. Check where scooters are allowed. In some places, riders can use pedestrian and cyclist zones, but in some other they can’t. Some authorities may also fine you for driving without a helmet or using a mobile phone while in the move. Riding an e-scooter after drinking is also prohibited!

Relax your body

If you want to feel comfortable while riding your e-scooter, don’t forget about proper posture. Keep your back straight and try to relax your body. Try not to tense your muscles. If you suffer from pain, try to find the source of your problems. Keep in mind that even the smallest inconvenience can be a distractor or lead to more complex health issues. If you have problems with maintaining your natural posture for longer periods of rides, make short breaks to stretch your body.

If you are still wondering how safe electric scooters are, there is nothing you should be worried about. The vehicles manufactured by popular brands are highly reliable, responsive and almost failure-free. Unfortunately, the majority of incidents is caused by drivers themselves. Always adhere to our e-scooter safety tips to make your rides pleasurable and super safe!