Thursday, 01 July 2021 14:30

Why do I need to get a Thai Massage?

Thai Massage Thai Massage pixabay

Thai Massage was originally known as the art of healing. It has been around for over 2500 years.

Thai massage is deeply influenced by Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. Unlike the other various types of western massages, in Thai massage, you don’t just get the massage therapist to put some oil applied and knead onto the pressure points and muscle of the body.

When you are getting a Thai Massage, you are supposed to lie on a padded mat on the ground having your full clothes on. The therapist or the practitioner will stretch, pull, and use rocking techniques to make you feel relaxed, relieve tension, and hence improve flexibility and circulation. You might get surprised to know that Thai Massage is also called assisted yoga as it totally focuses on the improvement of the flow of energy throughout the body.

Thai Massage - benefits

There are numerous health benefits offered by Thai Massage and many of them are supported by scientific studies. Given below are the six reasons why you need to get a Thai Massage -

1. Relieves joint pain and stiffness: If you feel that there’s sudden stiffness or pain in your joints whenever you move, you can get a Thai massage that can help you in improving the joint function.

2. Reduces back pain: Thai massage is the most effective and non-pharmaceutical means of reducing back pain. A study was conducted in Thailand in which they used a group of 120 people with no specific low back pain to understand the effect of Thai massage. Half of the group was treated with Thai massage and the rest half was treated with conservating management techniques such as hot pack, joint mobilization, manual stretching to the painful areas. According to this study, Thai massage helped people to reduce the back pain associated with painful and tight muscle clusters in the upper back using trigger points.

3. Increases range of motion and flexibility: In case if you are athletic and your performance has been affected due to flexibility issue and range of motion, then you must get a Thai Massage as it will help you in moving in a very easy and efficient way. The betterment and increase in flexibility observed after Thai massage is mainly due to its ability to improve the blood flow and oxygen supply to the muscles. In turn, this also helps in decreasing muscle adhesion and it also helps in reducing pain.

4. Relieves headaches: If you are a person experiencing tension headache or if you suffer from migraine, then the traditional massage might help you in lowering the symptoms. The Thai massage has also been observed to reduce the intensity of tension headache and migraine. If you don’t wish to try pharmaceutical remedies for relieving your headache, then you must definitely choose Thai massage.

5. Revives Energy: Thai massage is done in such a way that it involves the movement of the whole body. Most of these movements are like Yoga. Due to this, people have reported that they don’t just feel relaxed but rejuvenated after a Thai massage session. It helps in feeling energized both mentally and physically.