Tuesday, 01 February 2022 16:53

Can You Paint Your Wooden House?

log cabin log cabin pixabay

Over time the wooden house needs painting to maintain its look, texture, and finish. Using the proper painting technique can leave you with a beautiful looking log house. 


It can provide colour stability while also enhancing the grain and textures of the timber. 

If you're looking to paint your wooden house, these are the things you should keep in mind.

Check Temperature

The suitable temperature for painting your beautiful wooden house is between 5 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. A very high temperature will lead to fast-drying, which invites cracks. 

On the other hand, a very low temperature is unsuitable for various paints. The painting material solidifies and gives a bulky coating that can't bind together. So, follow the optimum temperature range for longevity. 

Check Humidity Levels

You can follow and look for a perfect day with the appropriate temperature for painting your log cabin. But, that's not enough as you must check for relative humidity. This is because the water vapour present makes the air moist. 

Also, wood absorbs the vapours. All these conditions can lead to slow drying of the paint. This may cause an outbreak of colour which will wear off very soon. Therefore, relative humidity between 40% to 70% is appropriate for the painting.

A day With Blazing Sunlight is Risky

The common misconception is that a bright sunny day is good for painting a wooden house. Typically, to adhere correctly to the substrate, paint must soak onto the surface to absorb rightly. Unfortunately, sunlight doesn't give a chance, and painting fails soon.

The Effect of dew Point

A high dew point means more liquid on the surface of a wooden log cabin. The higher liquid droplets invite wet surfaces, dust and unclean surfaces for painting. So When painting, it's crucial to ensure the substrate temperature is a minimum of 3 degrees Celsius above the dew point. This will avoid condensation on the painting surface and lead to successful coatings.

Watch for Wind Speed

While painting in the open air, you must check for winds too. The dust settles on the surface of the wooden house and gives a dull look overall. Ofcourse, you can sand and do maintenance. But, while painting, double coating excess winds can bring along too much dust. Also, the wind will dry your paint faster than usual, which is not suitable for the longevity of the colour.

Rain Predictions

Even though it's evident that rain disrupts the painting procedure, it's crucial to check the forecast. Gain insight on two or three-day predictions. The rain on a one-day-old paint can create severe damage. So, it's better to arm yourself with rain predictions.

Checklist for Ideal Painting Weather Conditionm

  • Outside temperature ranges between 5 degrees to 30 degrees Celsius.
  • A Shady day is preferred.
  • Check for rain predictions for at least two days
  • Humidity levels not more than 80%

Let's Wrap It

Painting your wooden house can be a formidable prospect. However, if you keep the factors mentioned above in mind, you can create a colourful masterpiece. Just remember that the right finish can help preserve your paint job for years to come.