Thursday, 16 June 2022 11:18

Crossthelimits - the dream store for every athlete

Crossthelimits store Crossthelimits store pixabay

Crossthelimits is an online store that offers a range of accessories, supplements and clothing created for athletes. It was created mainly for people training at the gym who want to achieve a perfect figure.

Nowadays, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle are very important. While practicing sports you should nourish your body to ensure maximum development and protection against injuries. The Crossthelimits store is a helping hand to achieve a healthy physique.


A solid dose of caffeine - and every workout is worthwhile!

In the Crossthelimits store you can find a variety of products to look out for. One of them is preparations with caffeine, which can do a huge job before any workout. It is used to stimulate the body for training. Even the most ardent athlete may have a "lazy day" when he doesn't want to go to training. Even when he/she gets there, he/she often doesn't have the strength and motivation to give 100% of himself/herself at a given unit. Caffeine can help!

Caffeine from a chemical standpoint is an adenosine receptor antagonist. In other words, it blocks the receptor site on the nervous system intended for adenosine. Its job, so to speak, is to slow down the nervous system by giving it a break. If caffeine blocks the receptor site, adenosine won't be able to attach there and act to slow it down. As a consequence of this, caffeine will have a stimulating effect on the body, which can be observed after drinking a particular coffee. In case of a workout it will be the same - together with caffeine you can achieve even better results in an even shorter time, while always being motivated!


Caffeine is a researched substance that is even recommended for maintaining a healthy body. However, as they say, you have to keep the right balance and don't exceed the maximum daily dose of caffeine. Too much caffeine can lead to negative side effects, which is why it's a good idea to stick to a specific range.