Saturday, 19 October 2013 18:20

The Secret to Saving Your Marriage

A popular adage opines that it takes two to tango. In as much as marriage can be a haven of peace and source of untold joy and happiness, the reverse is also true. The sad truth is, people prepare for the wedding. But they rarely make the effort to prepare for the marriage.

Traditionally, couples were prepared to enter marriage with the mindset that it is meant to last forever. But in this technological new age world we live in, couple entering marriage, are prepared to accept failure. They are willing to settle for divorce when difficulties come, rather then fight to maintain their marriage.If you are facing marital problems, you must be committed to work things out between the two of you. Commitment to your marriage and each other, is the secret to saving your marriage. There are no shortcuts nor easy way out of it. The success of your marriage or relationship defines your commitment as to how far the two of you are willing to go to make your marriage work. The initial problems in a marriage, is the result of simple mistakes, misunderstandings and conflicts. These things can be ironed out, provided you are in involved with restoring your relationship. Can my marriage be saved? This is a question that has been asked numerous times. The answer to the question, "can my marriage be saved?," is yes, if the problems that plague it, are addressed. Intimacy issues need to be addressed. Couples who attach less importance to intimacy, may face serious marriage problems. It could lead to growing further apart, and it places more stress on the relationship. Rekindling the closeness and intimacy you shared when things were right between the two of you, is a key factor in saving your marriage. To restore intimacy, the two of you must solve your problems. Do what you have to do, to make things right again. If it means talking things out, do it. If you need to seek out a marriage counselor or minister, do it. Whatever you need to do to save your marriage, that is reasonable of course, do it. Unless you have all the money you need and want, money is a major issue in marriage. In fact, it's an issue in any relationship. The lack of finances can cause strain on a marriage. To avoid money being a problem between you, there needs to be agreement with each other about your finances. Don't let money become a tug of war between you. Be open and honest about spending. It is a sore spot, when one partner feels the other partner, is creating a lot of debt. Next to cheating, money is a major factor in breaking up a relationship. It's important to know that saving your marriage begin the day you give your heart to each other. From the moment you give your heart, the journey begin for the two of you, to work together to find joy, peace, and love in each other. Rediscover the love you once knew! Look for new ways to attract each other. Be each other’s lover. Put the magic back into your relationship. Remind yourself how it felt in the beginning of your relationship, when a day would not pass without you seeing each other. Schedule fun times together. Plan dinner dates and romantic getaways. Remember how it use to be, when you couldn't wait to be together.



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