Thursday, 20 June 2013 15:17

Tours to Russia, the land of the Tsars

Russia, precisely The Russian federation lies in the northern part of Eurasia. With a prolonged political history, most of the country comprises large expanse of land commonly known as the steppe in the south, dense forests in the north and the northern coast is bordered by the tundra. The country experiences the summer and the winter season definitively while the other two seasons last for a very short period of time between the two extremes. Russia is flanked by rich
works of architecture and other works of art by artists over the centuries.

Augmented by the plush architecture, works of art, culture and heritage, Russia has seen its tourism industry grow ever since the late soviet period. Blessed with countless number of rivers, including the enormous ones like the Volga, Russian cruises hold an important position while talking of Russian tourism. Deluxe with luxuriously furnished staterooms and private air-conditioned cabins along with bathroom facilities that can hold up to three persons are the features of a typical Russian cruise ship. The ships also comprise friendly bars, shops, music and beauty salons. While you are enjoying the journey, you could also appreciate the appetizing Russian dishes from the ship’s own restaurant and take pleasure of the serene ambience around you. You will be surrounded by amicable crew members all the time. Furthermore you will also find games, parties and other forms of amusement on board.

Tours to Russia would be inclusive of a trip encompassing the ‘Golden Ring’ of archaic cities and not to forget the present and the past capitals, namely Moscow and St. Petersburg. You will have a guide exclusively at your service providing you answers to your queries and also additional information.

Enriched with history, tradition and culture, the Golden Ring, a ring of cities situated to north east of Moscow and south east of St. Petersburg, is decked with opulent architecture and is a major tourist attraction. It can be visited by land as well. Moscow, the present capital of Russia, is also famous for its architecture. The best parts of the city are:

1• The observation point on the Vorobyevi Hills which will provide you with a view beyond your beliefs.

2• Moscow State University, a piece of architecture from Stalin’s time.

3• Novodevichiy Convent.

4• The famous St. Basil’s Cathedral at Red Square.

5• The Lenin’s Tomb

St. Petersburg is also a major tourist attraction with its more neo classical architecture including the brilliant Nevsky prospect, The Palace Square (The Winter Palace) and St. Isaaks Cathedral. Tours to Moscow and St. Petersburg can also be arranged by land. In that case, the agents administering cruises will take care of everything about your journey only if you can get your tickets done and arrive at the airport on your own. There are loads of trains that will transport you from Moscow to St. Petersburg in four hours only. If you are travelling in Russia by land then the mention of Trans-Siberian Railway is a must. It is the longest continuous railway route existing and travels across six time zones and multiple landscapes. Apart from this, train routes connecting Russia and Europe are also available. The train from Kiev to Moscow is one of the most popular courses undertaken by which you can travel from the heart of Kiev (Ukraine) to the heart of Moscow overnight.

With astounding pieces of architecture, unequalled creative possessions and breathtaking scenery weaved with romance and imagination, Russia can be labelled as one of the major tourist spots in the world. If you haven’t visited or planned to visit the country yet, its time you packed your bags.