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Dramatic Fight to Save Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange

Fight to Save Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange Fight to Save Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange pixabay

The Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen, an architectural landmark of the Danish capital, faced one of the greatest challenges in its history after a massive fire destroyed a large part of this historic building. The fire, which broke out early in the morning, led to the collapse of the historic tower adorned with intertwined dragon tails—a symbol of this unique location.

What will you learn?

1. What caused the fire at the Old Stock Exchange in Copenhagen?
2. What actions did the firefighters take to address the fire?
3. What unusual stabilization methods were used to protect the building from further damage?
4. What artworks were saved from the burning building?
5. What plans are there for the reconstruction and renovation of the monument after the fire?

Heroic Actions of the Fire Brigade

The Copenhagen fire brigade was immediately mobilized to confront the element threatening one of the city's most important monuments. According to the fire department's spokesperson, Frank Trier Mikkelsen, extinguishing the fire is a process that requires great precision and patience. The fire spread quickly, partly due to ongoing renovation works at the site, including the installation of scaffolding and tarps, which facilitated the spread of the flames.

Stabilization of the Structure Through Innovative Solutions

Faced with the potential threat of the exterior walls of the monument collapsing, a decision was made to use an unusual but effective stabilization method. Around the building, 40 containers filled with cement blocks were placed to provide additional support to the weakened structures. Thanks to these measures, it was possible not only to secure the building but also to save artworks and other valuable items that could be evacuated before destruction.

Uncertain Future of the Monument

The fire at Copenhagen's Old Stock Exchange, which city residents compare to the tragedy of Notre Dame, reminds us of the fragility of historical structures in the face of disasters. Intensive efforts are currently underway to determine the causes of the fire and to plan the long-term reconstruction and renovation of the monument, which is of immense importance to Denmark's cultural heritage. Experts and monument conservators are involved in the process of restoring the Exchange to its former grandeur, which will require time, resources, and international cooperation.

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