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Do You Know your Exhaust System?

Do You Know your Exhaust System? It is no secret that understanding the functionality of an exhaust system is no mean fete especially if you are just joining the automotive industry. The question that would then arise is why bother when there are experts out there who have the knowledge and expertise to help in such matters. This is a valid argument but sometimes as a motorcycle or vehicle owner you may need to know when it is time to change your stock exhaust

system to an After market exhaust system or which exhaust system is ideal for your bike. How it works As a motorcycle owner you should be aware of back pressure which can be a deterrent to how your engine performs. When Back Pressure is trapped in your engine you are likely to experience an engine choke which will eventually cause the engine not to run smoothly. Thus if you have the knowledge of back pressure you can decide to buy a dual exhaust system or a supreme exhaust system. These systems are capable of releasing exhaust gas more freely and increasing your engine's power. A Motorcycle Exhaust System works more efficiently when it is of a larger diameter than one with a smaller one. The advantage of a larger diameter exhaust pipe is that it “drains” the spent exhaust gases produced by the engine much faster allowing fresh air to start the combustion process. Hence when you find yourself stuck between deciding whether to change your original stock exhaust system, this knowledge should be your guide. But to give a broader picture on how the engine works let me give you an insight of the major components of the exhaust system and their various functions. Knowledge of these functions will guide you especially when you are replacing parts or accessories: • Muffler: It is meant to minimize the sound produced when the spent gases are flowing out of the system. A component in the muffler known as the baffle works to quiet the noise in the exhaust by bouncing it around and dissolving its energy. For the customized system you can consider add-ons like fiberglass which absorb the sound when gases are flowing out.

• Exhaust Pipe: It is the last outlet after the exhaust has traveled through all other exhaust system components. Steel or Aluminum is what is used to influence longevity by preventing it from corrosion.

• Exhaust Manifold: Its purpose is to absorb air from the atmosphere and connect it to the cylinder head. It also combines exhaust from each cylinder head and expels it into one pipe.

• Catalytic Converter: positioned between the exhaust manifold and a muffler, it has the important role of preventing harmful carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from polluting the environment. It changes these gases into water and vapor and for some converters it reduces nitrogen oxides that are expelled. Thus it is important to have this accessory in your exhaust system especially in some countries where it is required by law.



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