Wednesday, 01 May 2013 12:25

Nissan Navara 3.0-Litre Diesel Engine Is Thirsty For Fuel

After the huge success of their seven-seat SUV Pathfinder, Nissan Motor Corporation of Japan launched Nissan Navara as which was having almost all the qualities of its ancestor but body type is double cabin pick-up truck. Right after its first appearance, Navara caught the eyes of audience who were actively looking for an affordable vehicle which can do smoothly on tough terrains with utmost practicality. Although there were plenty of competitors like Ford Ranger and

Mitsubishi L200 who were already enjoying their share in UK market but this stunning vehicle made its way up to the top contenders in very short time.

Navara comes in different trim levels like Acent, Tekna, in premium specs the Outlaw. Acenta and Tekna shares a 2.5-litre turbo diesel engine for Nissan Navara which produces 190hp and 450Nm of torque. Both of these trims come fitted with six-speed manual gearbox for Nissan Navara, there is a choice of automatic 5-speed gearbox for Nissan Navara also available. While the Outlaw used engine for Nissan Navara in 3.0-litre V6 dci displacement with automatic gearbox for Nissan Navara which churns out 231hp. The name Outlaw suits it so well as this monster produces 550Nm of torque and its off-road ability is Land Rover like.

It comes with a selectable 4-wheel drive along with double wishbone suspension to give most comfort off-road or on. It has been a while since Nissan Navara is on sale and despite of its striking resemblance with Pathfinder, it still retains very strong values. Competitive prices make Navara a good value for money. It offers a very spacious cargo bed and 17-inch alloy wheel along with side steps make this vehicle look slightly chubby. The Tekna models are fitted with chrome mirrors and roof bars. As Nissan Navara offers the deepest cargo bay, it is among one of the most practical vehicles but for added security, an optional hard top is also available for cargo bay.

It is pretty clear that a huge amount of cargo can be carried in there, and to haul the horse-car and trolleys up-to 2.7 tonnes, it has massive power. It has a large cabin with ample room to accommodate five adult occupants. The dashboard is designed in such a fashion to give clear visibility of dials and easy access to all the high tech gadgets. Steering is placed so well and calibrated to man-oeuvre this gigantic machine with extreme ease, even into trickiest places. All models of Nissan Navara are equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC), to give the security it has front and curtain air bags.

Unfortunately, like Ford Ranger, it have not secured a 5 star place in Euro NCAP but it was able to meet 3 stars instead. Nissan's marvelous engineering is clearly evident as the 2.5-litre diesel engine for Nissan Navara officially returns the figure of 29mpg. That's not the only thing which makes it a wonderful vehicle, the service interval has also been impressively stretched to 18,000 miles. What more one could ask for? All the models of Nissan Navara come with Bluetooth and superb audio system but the higher specs model Outlaw is rigged with a splendid DVD system, satellite navigation, and heated leather seats.



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