Friday, 17 May 2013 18:29

Are you going to solve the mystery of Volvo's new premier?

''Leave the worldd behind you''- the saying is simple, yet puzzling. It is like the video- a man who is looking in the space, in order to contact with and feel the Mother Nature. It seems like there is nothing interesting in it, but in the end, everyone has the right to be inspired by something. But...why has Volvo created a video like this?

The newest premiere of Volvo is a mystery- a mystery which is so tight that it requires us to turn into Sherlock Holmes, who always tries to solve the mysteries. However, it is not this easy in this case- there is very little tracks as to what the car manufracturer is planning. The company has ensured that no information about the new product has leaked to internet.

The date of the premier is meant to take place on the 17th of May, which is very strange, as we do not even know what we are waiting for. Is it going to be a new car model of the well-known and appreciated car manufacturer? Or maybe this time, Volvo will surprise us with a completely different type of product? If it is going to be a car, what sort of car is it going to be? Is it a passenger car, off-road SUV or a truck? All of these options are possible.

We only know one thing- something is going to happen and it is going to happen very soon. Try your luck and see if you have guessed the mystery that Volvo has created. There is very little time left- go to: now and check if you were right!


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