Wednesday, 17 May 2017 10:39

Hybrid cars

Hybrid cars are becoming increasingly popular. They can be seen on the roads of many countries, where drivers are more and more often choosing solutions that enable more cost-efficient and eco-friendly driving. Hybrid vehicles also allow for a significant reduction in maintenance costs, and the technologies that combine the best of gasoline engines and electric motors increase their lifespan.

Chrysler has recently launched a car that perfectly meets the requirements of an ideal hybrid car. Pacifica Hybrid provides comfort and safety to both those who tend to drive alone and those who take their entire family on long and short getaways. In addition, the car makers have ensured that the car does not need to be charged/refueled frequently.


A single electric charge gives you a driving range of up to 53 km, which works well for everyday driving around the city. For longer trips, it is recommended to use the full power of the hybrid, combining the gasoline engine and the electric motor. The van’s total driving range is up to 911 km. If you would like to find out more about this model, watch the video below and find out how seemingly ordinary things can pleasantly surprise you and be quite amazing.