Monday, 20 May 2013 17:49

My City, My Day with...Ford

Apparently a man with passion has a better and more interesting life. This is probably because he has something to live for or knows how the get the satisfaction out of everyday life- especially when he is being paid for doing what he loves and improves other people’s life.
For Ford, the biggest satisfaction and passion is to produce cars that are the highest quality and which will make your day the way you have planned it. The new Ford is based on simple concept of spending as much time as possible with your family, doing things that you and your family and friends love. The new Ford C-Max is a multi-purpose car that can be used for anything that you dream of, whether it is for a family trips, people carrier or sport activity vehicle. The new Ford C-Max is everything you need. It will help you get the full satisfaction of your life, as well as make everything easier.
The car is not only perfect for a family use, it is also perfect for all the other uses due to how practical and comforting it is. The new Ford has secured a maximum five-star rating in the Euro NCAP crash safety tests, so there's no doubting it's a very safe car. The car is suitable for very long journeys, as there’s very little wind and road noise, and sensible gear ratios mean it's quiet on the motorways, too. The interior is generally stylish and modern, made of high-quality materials with smart dials and switches. The new Ford C-Max is not only reliable, cheap to run and good value of money, it will also change your life and the satisfaction of everyday life. Is it enough to convenience you? How do you think your day would look like with the C-Max?
The new C-max campaign is based on the life of two people, who are inspired by two completely different things- one of them is Alex, who is an artist and a designer, the other is called Craig, he is the Chef owner of Campagnolo in Toronto. The campaign presents how these two in a way ordinary people, with two different passions and needs, find the Ford C-Max and how it helps them to fulfil the satisfaction of everyday life.


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