Saturday, 22 June 2013 16:30

Tow trucks in California

In California, towing companies and roadside assistance companies offer a wide range of services. For these towing services they have their own tow trucks which are facilitated with advanced equipment and for different types of vehicles different tow trucks are available there. Tow trucks are used to tow cars, large vehicles and even machinery. Towing services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They help you to pull your vehicle when it is unable to start and move.
They tow your vehicle to the auto repair workshop. They also help to pull you out when you are stuck in mud or ice and cannot get yourself out from this location. You have no need to worry but just make a call to towing service and they will send their tow trucks to pull you out.

You can also call for tow trucks when your car breakdown on the road and you cannot take it to auto repair shop by yourself. In this condition they will come and check whether they can solve your problem or not? If it is possible to solve the problem by the expert technicians, they will try to do it. If they could not solve it, they will tow your vehicle to nearby workshop for repairing it. Tow trucks are also helpful in situation when your car battery is dead. They give your vehicle a jump start, when your vehicle start to move they check whether the battery is able to charge or it is needed to replace. In flat bed tow trucks they have a system by which rear of the truck is attached with a flatbed. This flatbed is then inclined allowing the vehicle or heavy machinery to be placed on it. Then it is pulled to the place where it is needed to place.

Towing trucks are used to tow damaged vehicles after some accidents or collision. They tow the vehicles to the auto repair workshop for repairing it. Towing trucks are also useful to remove unwanted and unauthorized vehicles from parking area of a company. For this purpose, that these services are purchased on contracts then it becomes their responsibility to no let the unwanted vehicles to park in official parking area of a company. They are also helpful in removing unwanted vehicles from the main road that do not follow the rules of traffic and park their vehicles on the main road.