Tuesday, 02 July 2013 16:55

Benefits of a Double Cab Bakkie as an Everyday Vehicle

Already renowned in the commercial sector for being strong, versatile and reliable, double cab bakkies are also becoming a popular choice of vehicle for everyday use. Equally reliable on tougher terrain as they are on urban roads, it is of little wonder why these vehicles are being favoured by everyone from business executives to families looking for safe and reliable vehicles.  Typically when looking for a vehicle for everyday use, buyers will take a number of things
into consideration. These include the look and feel of the vehicle, the comfort of driving in it, its reliability and affordability. Double cab bakkie manufacturers design their vehicles to fit all these criteria; to offer superb and unparalleled pleasure and safety while driving them.

Safe and Reliable

When double cab bakkies made the migration from being the workhorse of most businesses commercial fleets to the realm of everyday use vehicles, designers already knew these vehicles were safe. The sheer size of a double cab bakkie allows drivers a better all-round view, adding to better driver awareness of their surroundings, while the addition of daytime running lights make the vehicle much more visible to other road users. Inside, airbags for both the passenger and driver ensure safety in the event of an accident which, with Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS), is far less likely to happen.

Comfort and Reliability

The inside of a double cab is spacious, making these ideal family cars. From the driver’s perspective, they are afforded much better all round views in comfortable and stylish seats, allowing for better driver awareness and comfort. Passengers in both the front and back seats will notice and appreciate the amount of space available to them as well as the benefits of being in a vehicle built higher up from the road. With air-conditioning and a range of other added comforts, it is easy to understand why the double cab is a great vehicle for everyday use and holidays.

Double cab bakkies are already expected to be reliable and strong in their commercial roles. As leisure vehicles, double cabs bring this same strength and reliability with the added benefit of lower fuel consumption. Combined fuel consumption is as low as of 8.3l/100km which means that modern double cab bakkies are more economical to drive too.

Versatile and Fun

Thanks to their excellent strength and size, double cab bakkies offer comfortable cabins for drivers and passengers, along with a large loading bay in the rear to accommodate an array of other items. For family trips, the loading bay has more than enough space for luggage, bicycles and for the more adventurous, even dirt bikes. In the 4x4 variations of double cabs, the driver has the capability of switching from rear-wheel drive (ideal on urban roads and for city driving) to 4-wheel drive at the press of a button.

With strong engines built to last and enviable resale values, double cab bakkies are set to become even more popular as family vehicles. Car manufacturers are always improving the designs of their double cabs, and ensuring that comfort, reliability and the pleasure of driving these vehicles is one which cannot be surpassed easily. http://www.amazines.com