Tuesday, 02 July 2013 16:56

Comfort and Safety in People Movers

The open road is an adventure waiting to happen with countless memories waiting to be made. Every journey is unique with new possibilities. Whether it is a long family car trip to the coast or the daily school-run, when it comes to choosing a family vehicle there are certain considerations which need to be taken into account.  A typical family vehicle will have enough room to provide comfort to its passengers. Family vehicles are also typically used for a variety of trips, from
driving to destinations for family holidays, to daily commutes and school-runs. Therefore, in addition to comfort, vehicle safety is top of mind when considering which people mover to buy for your family.

Safety Features Inside and Out

Family vehicles are going to be used for transporting the most precious cargo. This is why it is important to ensure that the vehicle’s safety features extend beyond driver safety. These safety features can include driver and passenger airbags. Other basic safety features of the interior of a family vehicle should include side and curtain airbags for the driver, passenger and at least second row passengers.

It goes without saying there should also be seatbelts which are adjustable for small children and head restraints on all seats as well. The exterior of a good family vehicle should be made with materials of the highest standard and quality, able to absorb and withstand impacts and collisions.

Daytime running lights make the vehicle more visible, reducing the risk of collisions alongside Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS) and Anti-spin Regulation Systems (ASR) for added control for the driver.

Comfort and Space

Family vehicles provide an excellent amount of space. Large luggage compartments are essential for fitting in the family grocery shopping, school bags and luggage for when a family makes a car trip on holiday. While the extra space certainly allows for easy transport of groceries and baggage, it also allows for a greater degree of comfort for the vehicles occupants. This space can lead to greater safety too as each passenger can be safely seated in their own seat with a seatbelt. Also, on longer trips, children who become uncomfortable can become restless which may interfere with the driver’s concentration. From the driver’s perspective, comfort and space will ensure they are able to remain alert and focussed.

Reliability and Fuel Economy

Family vehicles are expected to do a lot of driving and will often spend more time on the road than other commuter cars. With a combined fuel consumption of up to only 5.7l/100km in some modern family vehicles, this provides great fuel economy, meaning you get more kilometres per litre. Due to the popularity of most family vehicles, the maintenance of them is affordable and easily done at the vehicle manufacturer’s service centres which can often be found throughout the country. Genuine spare parts are affordable as well and will keep your vehicle in great condition for many years as well as ensuring the resale value of the vehicle remains at an enviable price, allowing you to trade it in for a newer model easily and affordably should you wish to.

As car manufacturers pay more attention to the family vehicle market, they have increasingly listened to what it is that buyers are actually looking for. Be assured that modern family vehicles are designed and built with families in mind and the needs they have. http://www.amazines.com