Tuesday, 03 September 2013 20:40

The surprising Volvo FMX

Here it is - yet another novelty from Volvo. A new truck model under the proud name of FMX will surprise many drivers. How do we know? Well, just look at the ad, and your response will be the same. Volvo has been trying for a long time to surprise its customers from the beginning of its campaign.

We still haven’t pulled ourselves together after the spot where there was a ballerina walking between two speeding Volvo FXs on a tight rope, and here we have yet another surprise. A crane, an advertised FMX and a man standing on top of all this, as if it was nothing unusual, talking about the advantages of the latest truck from Volvo.
"Drive it like you hate it" - that old slogan of the company today seems to be gaining strength. Especially since the car makers themselves do not treat the car lightly. The most astonishing tests, including the one that was used for a TV spot, are carried out so that you, the Driver, can sit behind the wheel and need not worry about anything. No matter where you have to get to, no matter how much weight you have to carry - your new FMX will take it.
But that's not all - in addition to this incredible advertising, Volvo has prepared a whopping 10 new FMX trucks for its customers. Unique design, steering resistance for potholes, incredible durability, improved steering axles, clearance that protects the most important components and a redesigned cabin is just a glimpse of what is inside the FMX. Want to know more? Look at the video and see for yourself what Volvo's new truck is capable of!


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