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Porsche Extended Warranty by ARM

"We started offering a Porsche Extended Warranty roughly four years ago. The reasons for doing so were basically the requests from our clients. A lot of our Porsche clients are driving or owning their car beyond the first two years. This means that the manufacturer warranty has expired. These clients are looking to keep their car in good shape and do not

want to run the risk of being surprised by an unexpected high repair bill." Alex Renner, Managing Director of AR Motors explained.

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We asked Alex why do Porsche owners prefer his warranty over let's say the dealership or any other independent workshop. " Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, completing or engaging in our Extended Porsche Warranty Program entails a very short approval process compared to the long approval procedure of car manufacturer. We are far less bureaucratic and have very short internal reporting between our departments. Furthermore we do not need to involve the factory back in the manufacturing country, which expedites our application considerably. Another reason is our transparency together with the fact that we decided to ad modifications into the contract. When looking at modifications such as spoiler kits or tuning packages all manufacturers refuse to allow these to be part of their warranty offer. We did not want to exclude these Porsche enthusiasts from our extended warranty and included their modifications into our warranty program. We further created a very simple contract, highlighting on the features of our program without any unnecessary complicated legal terminology.

To become accepted for the ARM Extended Porsche Warranty Program, your cars should be younger than 7 years or have run less than 120,000 km. Please view our video giving you a better idea about our Porsche Extended Waranty. We are offering Extended Warranty for all Porsche models. Our Extended Warranty compare with those offered from the main dealer network at better prices. We will not discriminate any owners who have modified or improved their vehicles. Even those who have decided that their cars be serviced by other companies outside of their main dealers network are eligible for our ARM warranty.

To make our Porsche Extended Warranty program more accessible and easy to engage in we created a video. This video can be seen on our website or alternatively on our YouTube channel."

Alex concluded, " We believe to have a competitive, complete and transparent Porsche Extended Warranty program for all Porsche car models.

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