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EFI car self-diagnostic process will encounter problems

The ignition switch but do not start the engine to connect, control computer began to enter the initial state, and self inspection of the entire control system, the fault indicator is lit. If the fault indicator light does not shine, the malfunction indicator lamp fault lines, should inspect and repair. Switch on the ignition switch for a while or after the engine is started, if the

malfunction indicator lamp goes out, it indicates that the control computer control system has found no fault; if the malfunction indicator lamp is still lit the immortal, the computer control system failure, you can read the fault code.

At present, the automobile electronic controller system, read out the fault is generally divided into two types of static and dynamic test model. In the static test mode, just turn the ignition switch without the need to start the engine, then read out the fault; dynamic test mode refers to the engine during normal operation, a test model of fault self diagnosis. Therefore, in the implementation of a dynamic model of electric vehicle test, shall confirm the automobile brake in good condition, the gear lever in the parking block or neutral, when necessary, can be triangular block the wheel of the car stopped, to prevent the occurrence of unexpected.

Code reading before, should be an intuitive view connection mechanical components related to the electronic control system?? is off, leakage or obstruction; mass air flow sensor is the leakage phenomenon. We especially need to pay attention to is: in the inspection process, should turn off the ignition switch to prevent the splicing process of wire, for wire connection and disconnection, inductor induced emf will control computer ECU individual electronic component burning, and cause the control computer damage.

The car battery voltage is normal or not, to detect the fault code is crucial. For 12V car battery, the voltage value should not be less than 11V; for 24V car battery, the voltage value should not be less than 23V.Code reading, turn off the auxiliary electrical equipment is also very necessary. Because the aided electrical equipment not only to a part of the electric power consumption, but also interfere with the normal operation of the computer control.

Start the engine to idle and warm, when the temperature of the coolant in the normal range, can be on the electronic control system of self diagnosis and monitoring. After warming up, before starting test, should be fully release the accelerator pedal, the solar term door is in the closed state.After the above preparation for electric cars, can read the fault code. Despite the use of self diagnosis function control computer, the fault code reading after the exclusion of very convenient and fast, but if the reading process of improper operation, or does not operate according to the specific procedure, may cause unnecessary trouble.Such as: the original troubleshooting and the emergence of new fault code; replace the faulty components, fault still exists or undesirable phenomena appear more faults.

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