Friday, 05 August 2022 09:29

How to Take Care of Clip-in Hair?

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For some of us, natural hair extensions are a must. For others – a matter of choice. There's plenty of reasons for that, but in this particular article we will focus on the maintenance of the clip-in hair extensions. Ready to be beautiful for much longer?


Clip-in extensions from real hair

If you want to keep your hair extensions in a perfect condition, you need to treat them in the right way. You see, the hair used for making long clip-ins or bonds hair extensions, for example, is fully natural. This is real human hair, not some plastic products made in a factory somewhere on the outskirts of Wuhan in China. That means the maintenance process should be very similar to the way you are treating your own hair. That's the basic rule. In fact, when thinking about clip-in extensions, consider them as if they actually were your own hair. That helps in keeping them perfect for a longer period of time :)

Wash your hair extensions

To wash your extensions, prepare a sink or a bath. Put some warm water into it and then use a shampoo. Mix all together, put the hair extensions and just wash them. Be gentle, though. If you use too much force, you can damage the extensions. Be sure to wash them under the tap afterwards. It is important to flush down any remains of the shampoo foam or any other things that were present during the washing procedure.

In order to dry your hair extensions, try to let them dry naturally. You can also use a dryer, yes, but the more natural the whole thing gets, the better for the extensions. So, if you’re not in a hurry, just leave them in the bathroom for a while and all should be fine.

A conditioner for hair extensions

Of course, you can apply a conditioner. Since these are real hair we're talking about here, a conditioner for blond, black or beautiful brown hair extensions should not impact their quality and structure. Obviously, making sure to use your fingers while at it, and not buying the cheapest chemicals available should be the right approach. Lousy conditioners can make clip-in hair extensions get lousy, too. So it's important to follow instructions of the manufacturer that you bought the hair extensions from. This way, you will know how to get the best kind of conditioners for your perfect clip-ins :)

Combing a clip-in

The hair extension care and maintenance procedure also allows combing. This is, however, a delicate matter because the clip-in extensions, although they are made of real hair, don't grow back. If you don’t use a wide tooth comb or pull too hard – some hair might simply fall off. Be careful, then. That's the main tip for how to take care of clip-in hair: caution and prudence.