Friday, 28 June 2013 06:49

Fight against counterfeiting!

Counterfeiting- We are flooded with it from every possible side. Clothes, shoes, mobile phones, electronic equipment, drugs, make up- everything that comes to your mind can be faked. But the question is- is it worth buying counterfeit products?

Everyone wants to be on the top with the latest fashion and technology products, but not many of us can actually afford it. This is why we often decide to go for the cheaper and alternative version of the products that we like. Although these alternative products are usually cheaper and very similar, the quality of them is not half as good as the originals. For majority of the counterfeiting lovers, it may not be a problem because they are simply purchasing the products to stay with the latest trend- but for some, it is a way of saving money on products that should never be counterfeited.
The basis of the modern economy is the development and innovation. The modern economy enables us to keep up with the societal changes and the demands on new technology.
But what you have to keep in mind is that it all costs a lot of money. The original products costs us more money, as the price of them includes not only the production cost, but also the financial outlay that was put into research and testing the new product. The original products are more expensive and exclusive because they ensure the quality and value of the product, whereas the cost of producing fakes is much lower –these products are not tested, neither do they have any certifications, or products of good quality. The materials used to manufacture counterfeit products are often of low quality and stability, which as a result, are often dangerous. This leads to a question- would you buy your child a toy that does not have the appropriate certificate or test that states that it is suitable for children?
You probably would not. The problem of counterfeiting is much bigger than you think, as it does only include clothing or electric items; it also includes products such as food or drugs- the primary products that should be at the best quality and value.
Counterfeiting is not only bad for world’s economy, but also for individual consumers who think that the cheaper the product, the better it is for them. Counterfeiting is a growing and increasingly dangerous global problem. It’s not simply that the trade in fakes impacts on a company’s bottom line; counterfeiting also threatens the health, safety and livelihoods of consumers.
Choose wisely - choose the original and enjoy the quality!