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Saving Money with Travel Management

With Business Travel costs on the rise, companies are looking for inventive ways to save while still maintaining the quality and standards that employees are accustomed to. A Business Travel Agency can provide compliance and order to your corporate travel program.

We asked Business Travel Agents at Bard Travel, a Corporate Travel Management Agency located in Sunny San Jose, California, why Travel Management is so important to small businesses and how Bard Travel manages to save the fortune 500 companies they handle time and money with 24/7 global services? Small to mid-size companies are starting to see travel costs balloon out of control without any real monitoring of how and why. Especially single location corporate headquarters were you have employees moving throughout the world from multiple destinations.


Companies with 100 or less employees rely heavily on front line workers or office managers to help maintain the travel budget and keep track of travel expenses in addition to other critical duties. With little or no experience, employees often find travel deals that don’t reflect the same savings that they would get from a managed program.

Corporate travel customers are paying more than the average person for the same travel arrangements and business are starting to take notices. A study by Bard Travel of corporate managers assigned to business travel monitoring found that their costs were up more than twice as much. These costs a accrued outside of the managed travel program and each company understood how important it was to keep travel arrangements within their managed program.

Business Travelers can expect to pay 5% to 6% more for travel expenses in the coming year. Without a managed travel program, your company could be missing out on negotiated rates and discounts.

Janine Thompson, a 20 year travel veteran at Bard Travel say’s most small to midsize companies will spend more than 30% to 60% in air and hotel travel this year after reviewing Concur statistics. Ms. Thompson sited an unwillingness to understand how managed travel can save and drive down travel costs. A Business Travel Agency has access to pricing that you can’t find at random online travel websites.

What larger corporations have learned long ago, small business has started to understand the value of corporate travel agencies. A managed travel program can get the best pricing and offer custom online travel solutions that save time and money. The real guarantee that will give your business travel budget a productivity boost.


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