Saturday, 29 February 2020 14:23

Personal sales assistant in an online store? Why not! Discover Chatbots!

Chatbot for website Chatbot for website

If you are a online store owner you probably know how important is customer service and how much time it needs. To keep customers in your store you have to care about them and make everything what lead them to shopping. So how to handle service when time is so short and the day lasts only 24h? Hire personal sales assistant!

How much does it cost to hire an assistant?

You probably guess - it depends. Qualifications, responsibilities, skills and many other determinants affect the final cost you have to pay. Hire a new person in your team can be expensive, but there is one solution that costs less and you have totally control over it. We're talking about chatbot for website

What is a chatbot?

Chatbot is an artificial intelligence programmed to answer the customers questions. Before it will be able to do this, you have to prepare most frequently question, analysis what is the most often problem of your customers and enter these data to chatbot platform. Find out what type of informations are most important isn’t easy - it’s the hardest part, but if you will know it you will be able to create your own chatbot.

Why you need it?

Caring about customers is really important in present time. Most companies have big competition and brand loyalty, recommendations and meeting expectations make us overtake them. What goes with it - brings financial benefits. At the end of the day, that's exactly what all entrepreneurs are talking about. Service quality improvement is possible without hiring new people. See what else chatbot can help you with.

Push messages as a way to increase sales

If you have a newsletter in your online shop, you know that these type of message can increase selling. The problem is that our customers less and less often open and read this notifications. How to deal with this? Change the platform. Stop sending emails and start thinking about connecting the Messenger or WhatsApp with your website. The open rate on these two platforms is at 99%. Chatbot for website enables such actions. With using this, you can send informations about discounts, about promotion new products or about new challenge on store’s social media. 

Chatbot - attractive way to increase customer engagement

Chatbot is a brilliant way to build a relationship and engagement. By using this you can be in touch with all of your customers, asking them about what type of new product they prefer, what they like and need, inform about news in your store. It also affects loyalty. If you produce what customers want and what they choose when you asked about it, then they feel like a part of it and they will want it more. They “help” you in decision and it is kind of win-win situation.

As you can see chatbot for website is worth exploring. This is still new on the online store market and maybe that's why those who invest in it enjoy a high rate of return. Don't wait. Check how chatbot works in your business. I wish you good luck!

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