Thursday, 27 February 2014 10:05

A new era of justice!

The legend of Robin Hood, prince of thieves, is known to practically everyone. The self-proclaimed wealthy benefactor stole from the treasures of the rich and gave them to the poor. Sounds like a fairy tale for children? Maybe once upon a time it was. Today, it is a new, innovative tax that can save the UK economy!

The Robin Hood Tax is an idea to patch the budget hole in the public finances of Great Britain. From this hole, it is easy to guess that the global economic crisis has also caused damage to the British Isles. More and more people do not have access to free education, adequate medical care and obstetrics. This causes social discontent, and as a result - the crisis deepens. Therefore, it is high time to start fighting with this situation!
The Robin Hood Tax was originally just an idea born in the minds of a few people. Today it is a project whose goal it is to reduce poverty and address adverse financial conditions. Due to our policy - taxing the financial sector - the UK is able to save even up to a few billion pounds a year. And this refers to only a single country - on a global scale, it will be a huge cash injection, which will be able to save many economies which are standing on the precipice!
It is time for justice. Let the banks pay, without harming ordinary citizens. No more worries about where you can still save. An end to concerns about bills. A new era of fairness has arrived!