Thursday, 15 May 2014 20:10

Secure your future with Scotiabank.

Years and years of repaying the mortgage is for many people real torment. Abandoning smaller and larger pleasures, continuous saving, the fear of whether you can make it to the end of the lending period. And all this, because as much as 33% of Canadians do not even try to do anything to accelerate repayment of the loan.

As many as 63% of Canadians will be paying a mortgage for 10 years or more. As many as 64% of Canadians claim that they cannot afford to invest more, and 17% are thinking about selling their home to fund their retirement. Time to end all this with Scotiabank.
Scotiabank is launching innovative possibilities, which will help you change this.
The specialist advisors at Scotiabank are able to assist you in selecting the appropriate conditions for your loan, regardless of what stage of loan repayment you are at – whether you are just about to take out a loan, if you are in the process of repaying it, or even if you are only left with a few installments. One of the most preferred options is the Mortgage-Free Faster Calculator, where you can see how even small changes in interest rates may be of great importance. Other tools that are helpful in changing your mortgage options are: Pay Yourself First, or the RESP Reality Check.
If you are close to repaying the mortgage you can use tools such as: mortgage-free faster, Reality Check RRSP or the TFSA Calculator
If you are free from your mortgage, you have, of course, more money to invest. Scotiabank advisors will help you make the best decision by analyzing your financial capabilities. The solutions to consider are: TFSA, Guaranteed Income Optimizer, Powered GIC Equity and Income Funds. Another tool that can help you with this is the TFSA Calculator again.

This all means, that the bank of today is a friend who helps you to select the appropriate loan options. Time to find out how to pay off a mortgage more quickly and without problems, and how to invest your money. How?

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