Tuesday, 15 July 2014 14:05

Ventas Central voice concerns for future generations

Following a report from Studently stating 91% of secondary school students are worried about their future career choices, Ventas Central call for more local businesses to offer work experience placements and encouragement to young people.

As teenagers enter secondary school, they are faced with myriad decisions but the most important being the profession or educational path they will pursue upon graduation. The impending decision is both confusing and daunting for many as it is often viewed as a life-long commitment. London-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Ventas Central are renowned for their support within the local community and are encouraging businesses to help support local youths in determining the career path they wish to take, and with confidence that they are making the best decision.

To feel confident in making the right career choice, Ventas Central believe it is important for students to have the opportunity to have an inside view into the workforce and get a feel for their place in it. Work experience provides a chance to gain knowledge and insight into an occupation and industry, develop professional and personal skills and ultimately helps make an informed decision about where their future may lie. "We are huge advocates of work experience, not only for graduates but for those in secondary school so that they can see how things operate in specific industries, which should in turn help them feel more confident about their career choice," says Josh Peace, managing director of Ventas Central.

"Work experience allows students to observe the realities of life in an organisation, and enables them to talk to people within their industry or profession of interest, which is invaluable. It has been reported that roughly only 30% of people actually work in the field they studied which is staggering. Ventas Central attribute this to the lack of support and misinformation given to teens in the decision making process and believe that a little more encouragement and support from schools, universities and local businesses can help alleviate career transition. "Whilst we want to help students with what can be an incredibly overwhelming decision we also think it is really important that they understand the decision they make is not set in stone and that they can change their mind and their career path further down the line. Our aim is to eliminate their concerns for their future and build their confidence in their chosen path," says Josh Peace from Ventas Central.

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