Wednesday, 20 August 2014 13:47

Reliable tyres from Michelin

Michelin has been a leader in its industry for years.  Its tires are reliable, regardless of the conditions in which you choose to travel.  However, the manufacturer, rather than rest on its laurels, improves its tests year by year to offer even better tires for our cars. Hence its latest idea, with a live experiment. 3,000 drivers from across Europe were invited to test Michelin’s tires.

Ordinary drivers like you and me.  On the wheels of their cars, new tires from Michelin were installed and released onto the road. Why? To check them in everyday conditions. The idea seems trivial - consumers given tires for testing.  Much easier and cheaper than a testing them in a laboratory.  However, don’t forget one thing - even in the best lab cannot test all the situations in which a tire can be found. Ice, rain, mud after snow, sudden braking, sharp turns, holes in the road - even the best simulation will not recreate these things. Besides, it is worth remembering that these tires are not only supposed to prove themselves in laboratories, but in everyday life as well. Therefore, a real-life laboratory turns out to be an extremely valuable idea, which allows for the design of even better products. Because the way the tire wears out depends not only on the road and weather conditions, but also on the driving style. And this knowledge can only be obtained by way of such an experiment as Michelin’s. Want to know more? Click on the video



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