Friday, 05 June 2020 13:27

Infinity Group transforms British business

Infinity group Infinity group

Polish company Infinity Group enters British market with digital transformation services. It offers advanced solution to British companies. This solution features comprehensive process of transforming the organization into new ways of working with the use of digital technologies.


Digital transformation is a process involving modernization of IT ecosystem, processes and operational strategies with the use of the latest achievements in the areas of mobility, cloud and analytics. This process is based on a wide use of information technology in servicing all areas of company’s activities – sales, customer service, production, finances, distribution, etc. What is more, this process concerns systems, technologies or proprietary solutions used in a particular company.


Digital transformation expertsInfinity

Group consists of about 100 IT specialists including (among others) highly qualified web developers. They have many years of experience in creating IT solutions for the needs of global, European and local brands. The implement the most advanced web content, management, digital marketing, e-commerce and intranet/extranet applications. The position of the company is based on strategic partnerships with companies like Sitecore, Kentico, Google and Microsoft, which are confirmed by appropriate certificates. Infinity Group is an award-winning company. It was awarded in numerous prestigious competitions for, among others, the world’s first implementation of Sitecore Commerce in Central and Eastern Europe. Infinity Group is highly ranked in satisfaction rankings of cooperating clients. Large team enables efficient service delivery faster than the competition, what is a significant market advantage.


Infinity Group began the operation on UK market in 2009 from the cooperation with Alico branch located in United Kingdom. The aim of the cooperation was designing and creating a comprehensive internet system of the company along with intranet solutions. The project was successfully implemented, which encouraged Infinity Group to continue cooperation with contractors from this market, including cooperation with Idwal Marine — a global provider of marine sleet inspection services. On the basis of these experiences, experts from Infinity Group decided to deliver a new service to British market – digital transformation.


Results of digital transformation

Thanks to the digital transformation process, the organization can significantly reduce costs, increase sales and improve the operation profitability. The process of digital transformation can lead to significant cost reductions. Internal changes result in improved operating procedures, improved team cooperation and development of innovative culture as well as more effective use of data and faster identification of disruptors or bottlenecks, increase of sales and improvement of operational profitability. External benefits of digital transformation include shortening of business activity implementation time, improvement of flexibility, the ability to faster respond to changes and significant improvement of customer satisfaction. The transformation may also result in the introduction of new products to the company’s offer, including digital products.


Penetration of digital technologies through all aspects of operation of an organization is the essence of digital transformation. Integration of digital technologies and business processes leads to increased business performance and often even to a complete change of the business model of the organization. Digital transformation is a necessary stage in business development of most companies. Cooperation with Infinity Group may become a key catalyst of this change and contribute to market success of the company.