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Linkedin writing service

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At first glance, it seems like only recruiters and developers are sitting on LinkedIn. But this is not the case. This most extensive social network helps to connect with colleagues and establish professional contacts for development in any field. LinkedIn is also often referred to as a LinkedIn resume writing service.

Today we answer:

  • Why should you fill out your LinkedIn profile immediately, and how to do it so that the job finds you on its own?
  • Do you need to google "resume writers near me LinkedIn," or you can do it myself? - Best Cheap Resume Writing Service.

What is a LinkedIn Profile?

This is an extended version of your resume. If you need to write summers, then the LinkedIn summary writing service is at your service.

But unlike a traditional CV, a profile may contain links to your work, peer reviews, information on achievements, and courses taken.

Tip from us: You can upload your LinkedIn Page as a resume. To do this, you need to call the More button and select the Save to PDF option. The template is loaded in the language LinkedIn use, so make sure that the language of the profile and the account match's language.

LinkedIn has its algorithm that works like SEO for Google. In response to a recruiter's request, the most informative candidate profiles with keywords are displayed on the first pages.

Your account has a Profile Strength - an information panel that displays your current status.

Depending on the occupancy, the profile level is determined: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or All Star. Strive for the latter. To do this, you need to fill out the main sections.

What sections do you need to fill in the Linkedin writing service?

1. Business style of photo.

Do not use photos from travel, parties, and other entertainment events.

2. The name and surname must match the name on your resume - so it will be easier for recruiters to familiarize themselves with the profile.

3. Headline with first and last name clearly explains who you are and what you do.

Specify your place of work and position using keywords related to your industry.

4. Summary consists of 3-4 sentences: who you are as a specialist, what experience do you have, what you can do.

5. Experience is the main section of the profile. The more relevant keywords, the better. Please fill it out with all the listed companies on your resume; do not forget to indicate responsibilities.

 Add media, presentations, or text to showcase your work.

6. Skills and Endorsements are comparable to likes on social networks - the more there are, the higher your profile will rise in the search. Choose options from the drop-down list - recruiters will search for you precisely for these keywords.

7. Recommendations from former bosses and colleagues provide an opportunity to show your strengths. Ideally, you need to have 2-3 such recommendations.

8. Volunteering will help you acquire the necessary skills if you don't have them or show any interest in the field. Add here the organizations you volunteered for and the tasks that you helped solve.

Keep your LinkedIn profile up to date: add new contacts and skills, celebrate recent achievements. Your profile should always be fully armed, even when you are not looking for a job. After all, work can find you on its own - if you declare yourself on the Internet and use LinkedIn tools to form and maintain a professional image. Employers want more from a LinkedIn profile. They want to see something that can increase your chances of getting a job.

How to write a good resume

To answer the question - how to write a resume correctly, how to write a good resume, how to make a resume that will give you advantages when applying for a job, first you need to have a good idea what a resume is, and of course - at least once look at a sample resume. We have taken the resume from the European and American practices of personnel management. It is the first thing you should have when searching for a job. We can say that when applying for a job, the obligatory submission of the resume is one of the elements of the modern rules of business etiquette, but at the same time it is one of the most effective means of advertising in the labor market. A resume is a brief conclusion of what is said, written or read, summarizing the main points